About Me

My name is Mar, but some people call me Little Chica, which is where the name came from.

I studied Advertising and PR at Alicante University (Spain), and after finishing my degree I moved to the UK. I have been living in Brighton for over 4 years now; here I found my inspiration and I have learnt how to appreciate those little things in life.

AboutMeCurrently in my late twenties and working in digital marketing, I’m passionate about fashion & beauty. Foodie by nature, I love creating new recipes (I must admit that I’ve messed up more than once… or twice (lol).

Last year (2014) I learnt how to knit and now I’m absolutely addicted to it, no matter whether it is winter or summer. This, together with lovely Pinterest, was the beginning of my crafty obsession and since then, I love DIY more than ever.

I wanted a blog for ages but it was never the right time. This year, as part of my New Years resolutions I’m jumping in feet first and making my blog real.

Little Chica is a lifestyle blog where I want to share a bit of my day-to-day craziness, outfits, DIY, knits, recipes… and everything I do.


I hope you enjoy reading my blog and feel free to contact me to say hi.