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5 Underrated European Destinations to Visit Before They Get Popular *

I love travelling <3. Despite not being able to travel as much as I did when I was a bit younger, I still love getting lost around new cities and places.

I believe that every place in the world has something magic to offer, something t that makes that particular place special. We all know about the European hot spots of Spain, Italy or France but there are other unusual cities in Europe that can be the perfect destination for your next holidays. I’ve chosen 5 of the most underrated destinations in Europe that still remain a well-kept secret.

1. Croatia

Few destinations are as versatile as sun-kissed Croatia. There’s something to suit all, whether you’re seeking beachside fun or a sightseeing extravaganza. Start your adventure in the Old Town of Dubrovnik and admire its jaw-dropping architecture, which features in TV’s “Game of Thrones” as locations including King’s Landing and Qarth.


At this medieval seaport, you’ll witness stunning scenery including ancient palaces, crumbling fortifications and ornate churches. From there, the crystal waters of the Dalmatian Coast are within easy reach. Also recommended is the town of Nin in the Zadar County, an area home to the country’s best stretches of coastline. Continue Reading


Last Minute Valentine’s Ideas

I can’t believe Valentine’s is just around the corner. This year I’ll be celebrating it in a different way as my ‘Valentine’ is in Spain L. But this day doesn’t necessarily have to revolve around the love of your life, it’s a perfect excuse to treat yourself, whether you are alone, with your <3 or with friends.

Valentine’s DIY ideas

You know how much I love making something personal for these special occasions. There are plenty of Valentine DIY tutorials on Pinterest. Valentine’s day is a perfect time to give one or maybe even a few handmade pressies to your beloved ones.


Treat yourself with a fancy meal

You don’t need to go to a restaurant to have a fancy meal; you can always cook yourself to make the day extra special for a little more effort.

Jamie Oliver has super yum recipes that are easy to make. And don’t forget to decorate your dinner table for the night to make it super romantic: red heart serviettes, a nice tablecloth, wine glasses, flowers… Make sure you have the right dinner table for the meal and if you don’t, what better time is there to get one than when you’re looking to impress! Something simple like this one (I love it!) would be perfect!

 Jamie-Oliver-Romantic-Meals Source

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Bye Bye January Blues

Hello blog! I know I haven’t been very active lately. Between Christmas and the January hangover I’ve been quite busy trying to sort my life out. It’s still far to be sorted but… ohh well, it can always go worse.

January is known for being a hard month. Luckily, it’s almost gone but don’t let the January blues get into February. Below some things that will make you feel better and start the new month fresh.

1. Have a relaxing bath

I usually don’t do baths, but once in a blue moon won’t harm anyone. Take your time to prepare a warm bath with some oils. Relax while your skin gets moisturised with the benefits of the oils.


2. Follow a skincare routine

The weather, the past parties, the mornings (I hate these ones), etc. everything has influence on your skin. Follow your skincare routine in January more than ever. The January blues get’s easier with a better-looking skin.

 3. Don’t forget your perfume

One of my Christmas presents was Chloé’s perfume. Applying some perfume before leaving the house makes me feel more than ready for the challenges we face during the day.


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Hari Ghotra Cook Along Event

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to cook with Hari Ghotra some delicious Indian recipes and had a lovely evening with some of the local bloggers.

It was such a unique event as we were LIVE on her Youtube channel! I’ve never been live in Youtube before so I made sure my sister was watching me. They have also made this video:

When I got there a delicious mint lassi was waiting for us. Hari, who is a lovely woman with amazing cooking skills, explained the recipes we were going to make and so we did. From fish cakes to pakoras, samosas and turkey kebabs. They gave us all the recipes but if you are an Indian food fan you can check the recipes on her website:

Lovely evening cooking with @harighotra  #CookWithHari #indianfood #curry #instafood #foddie #brighton

Lovely evening cooking with @harighotra #CookWithHari #indianfood #curry #instafood #foddie #brighton

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I can’t believe I’m talking about Christmas again, sorry about the spam but it’s only Christmas once a year and you need to make the most of it, don’t you?

This Christmas is going to be a little bit different for me. I’ll be flying to Spain to stay with my family, come back on the New Year and start a ‘new’ life. Despite a year of changes being ahead of me, I can’t wait to celebrate it, to enjoy every second and face the new changes with my best smile.

When Redrow asked me to be part of #VerymethisChirstmas I saw it as an opportunity to think about what is Christmas for me. Christmas is home for me. From decorating where I live now, to celebrate Christmas Eve with my dad’s family with high heels, party makeup, booze and delicious food at my aunt’s place. Going to my grandmas on Christmas day, usually with a bit if a headache from the night before.  Have lunch with my aunt and cousins and play games the whole evening. Open the Christmas presents in the same house where I grew up and lots and lots more.

In my family we have a tradition, both, on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, you need to dress well. My mum used to buy me and my sister new outfits every year (I miss that), now we need to buy it ourselves! I’m still trying to decide what to wear by the way…

Every item on this mood board represents a little bit of my Christmas:


Christmas tree & glass bubble: it reminds me when I was little and me and my sister helped my mum putting the Christmas tree up. More than one glass bubble got broken… I think my mum still avoids them, just in case.


Apple and Cinnamon scent candle: this is how my grandma’s house smells in Christmas. Continue Reading