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I can’t believe I’m talking about Christmas again, sorry about the spam but it’s only Christmas once a year and you need to make the most of it, don’t you?

This Christmas is going to be a little bit different for me. I’ll be flying to Spain to stay with my family, come back on the New Year and start a ‘new’ life. Despite a year of changes being ahead of me, I can’t wait to celebrate it, to enjoy every second and face the new changes with my best smile.

When Redrow asked me to be part of #VerymethisChirstmas I saw it as an opportunity to think about what is Christmas for me. Christmas is home for me. From decorating where I live now, to celebrate Christmas Eve with my dad’s family with high heels, party makeup, booze and delicious food at my aunt’s place. Going to my grandmas on Christmas day, usually with a bit if a headache from the night before.  Have lunch with my aunt and cousins and play games the whole evening. Open the Christmas presents in the same house where I grew up and lots and lots more.

In my family we have a tradition, both, on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, you need to dress well. My mum used to buy me and my sister new outfits every year (I miss that), now we need to buy it ourselves! I’m still trying to decide what to wear by the way…

Every item on this mood board represents a little bit of my Christmas:


Christmas tree & glass bubble: it reminds me when I was little and me and my sister helped my mum putting the Christmas tree up. More than one glass bubble got broken… I think my mum still avoids them, just in case.


Apple and Cinnamon scent candle: this is how my grandma’s house smells in Christmas. Continue Reading

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Christmas Cards DIY

So….. it’s December!! I got (almost) all my Christmas presents sorted last week. I only need to finish some bits and bobs and I’ll be so ready for the merry season.

This year I wanted to make my own Christmas cards, as I normally send some to my family and friends in Spain. I always need to send them early as last year I didn’t and they arrived on New Year’s Eve – lol. Well… this is very likely to happen this year too as I haven’t send them yet *rolled eyes*.

Let’s go straight to the point, here you have the step by step guide to make your own Christmas cards:


  • Blank cards and envelopes
  • Christmas stencils
  • Silver and gold sprays
  • Silver and gold bows or any other type of decoration
  • Glue dots (these are my new thing and I’m using them in EVERYTHING!)
  • A bit of blue tack



You can get all the materials online, although I got mine from the pound store. Continue Reading

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DIY Snow Wrapping paper

I think this year I’m more Christmassy than ever. This is the 3rd post about Christmas and is not even December!

Some of the girls at work have decided to do Secret Santa this year

I can’t stop thinking about the presents I want to buy, the ones I want to make, Christmas cards and wrapping paper. In my family, my mum and my cousin are always very creative when wrapping the presents so I decided to be part of the game this Christmas and make my own. It might not be as professional as theirs, but it’s unique and made with love, which is what really matters, isn’t it?



  • Window snow or silver spray, very easy to find this time of the year.
  • Brown wrapping paper. I normally wrap all my presents with this type of paper so I had some leftovers from last year, but you can get it in any stationery shops.
  • Tiny bit of blue tack.
  • Stencil. I decided to go for the classic polka dots as they could be the snowflakes and also, I can use it another time if the year if I need to.

I got my stencil from, they deliver in the UK and have a wide stencil collection. Also, I got a coffee stencil (see my Instagram pic) and they sent a cake one as a present that says ‘Baby it’s cold outside’ and I can’t wait to use it.

How to make snow wrapping paper

1. Cut the paper you need to wrap your present

2. Prepare the space. This is the first time I did use spray inside and not in the terrace. It was VERY cold and I refused to go out. Grab some old sheets or towels and place them on the floor. Old magazines are always handy to put around.

3. Place the paper on the floor and the stencil on top. I normally use a bit of blue tag to avoid it moving but you might not need this.


4. Spray, spray, spray…. And let it dry. Make sure all the dots have been covered, especially the corner ones.


5. Remove the stencil and voliá, your wrapping paper is done.


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Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Last weekend I had some friends from Spain staying over, so we visited all the tourist places here in Brighton and London (of course!). Guess what? It’s Christmas everywhere! I’ve already spotted some Christmas trees. Churchill Sq. shopping centre and Brighton Clock Tower have the classic Christmas lights on, and Christmas decorations are becoming the main character in the shop windows.

Today on the blog I want to inspire all of you so you can decorate your Christmas tree as you have never done before. It doesn’t matter if the tree is small or big, real or fake, green or white… get inspired and start the merry season now!

Wooden DIY



Rainbow Style



All in White





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All you need to know about Beauty Advent Calendars in 2015

Who said that advent calendars have chocolates or that they are only for kids? Advent calendars are the new revolution this Christmas for all the beauty lovers! Little-Chica-Beauty-Calendars-2015

This year is the first time I heard about beauty advent calendar and I’m totally in love with the idea, despite not having decided which one I’ll buy yet… I better hurry up as some of them have sold out already.

After having a good look to the beauty advent calendars, I’ve finally made a shortlist with my favourites:

1. The Body Shop 24 Happy Days Deluxe

With skincare and body care products, The Body Shop advent calendar has already sold out. Lucky you if you got it!!

Price: £80


Find more info in:

2. Selfridges Cosmic Beauty

I wonder if this is how heaven will look like. This advent calendar has the best high street brands on it: Lancome, Kiehl’s, YSL, etc. My manager got his one for his fiancee, how cute?

Price: £95

new-selfirdges-advent-calendar More info:

3. Benefit Party Poppers

Mascara, lip balm, highlighter… 12 products that I need in my life.

Price: £34.50


For free shipping and more info visit:

4. L’Occitane

From hand creams to nail files. I bet they all smell very nice!

Price: £39


More info:,83,1,29819,800866.htm

5. Liberty

This one is a little bit out of my budget but it´s still part of my top advent calendars. Again, it has 24 days with top beauty products and brands, who wouldn’t want this?

Price: £149


Look at all the products in: Continue Reading