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Natural Beauty Workshop in Brighton

For Jess’s birthday, the girls got her a ‘Natural Beauty Workshop’ by Made with Love. It was such a fun experience, all the girls together, making beauty products and learning about all the unnecessary ingredients that the beauty and skin care products have.

Leigh-Anne, the lady who runs this workshop, explained about the chemicals in creams, soaps, makeup products, etc. that make them last for years and years. The idea of this workshop is to make your own beauty products with things that we all have in our kitchen and  learn which ingredients are good for what you want to achieve.


When we got there, a big table with all the ingredients and instructions was waiting for us. Leigh-Anne explained what we were going to make and we pair up.

Sophie and I made banana & avocado hydrating hair mask while the other groups made an anti-aging one with raspberry, vitamin E and olive oil and a tea hair cleanser.



The body scrubs were my favourite; Wake-Up body scrub with Epsom salt, lemon, grapeseed oil and thyme. The other body scrub was mocha anti-aging /detox with coffee, sugar, sweet almond oil and raw cocoa powder.  I’ve been using them a lot and I love both, they are definitely one of my Christmas presents this year.


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DIY Snow Wrapping paper

I think this year I’m more Christmassy than ever. This is the 3rd post about Christmas and is not even December!

Some of the girls at work have decided to do Secret Santa this year

I can’t stop thinking about the presents I want to buy, the ones I want to make, Christmas cards and wrapping paper. In my family, my mum and my cousin are always very creative when wrapping the presents so I decided to be part of the game this Christmas and make my own. It might not be as professional as theirs, but it’s unique and made with love, which is what really matters, isn’t it?



  • Window snow or silver spray, very easy to find this time of the year.
  • Brown wrapping paper. I normally wrap all my presents with this type of paper so I had some leftovers from last year, but you can get it in any stationery shops.
  • Tiny bit of blue tack.
  • Stencil. I decided to go for the classic polka dots as they could be the snowflakes and also, I can use it another time if the year if I need to.

I got my stencil from, they deliver in the UK and have a wide stencil collection. Also, I got a coffee stencil (see my Instagram pic) and they sent a cake one as a present that says ‘Baby it’s cold outside’ and I can’t wait to use it.

How to make snow wrapping paper

1. Cut the paper you need to wrap your present

2. Prepare the space. This is the first time I did use spray inside and not in the terrace. It was VERY cold and I refused to go out. Grab some old sheets or towels and place them on the floor. Old magazines are always handy to put around.

3. Place the paper on the floor and the stencil on top. I normally use a bit of blue tag to avoid it moving but you might not need this.


4. Spray, spray, spray…. And let it dry. Make sure all the dots have been covered, especially the corner ones.


5. Remove the stencil and voliá, your wrapping paper is done.


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Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Last weekend I had some friends from Spain staying over, so we visited all the tourist places here in Brighton and London (of course!). Guess what? It’s Christmas everywhere! I’ve already spotted some Christmas trees. Churchill Sq. shopping centre and Brighton Clock Tower have the classic Christmas lights on, and Christmas decorations are becoming the main character in the shop windows.

Today on the blog I want to inspire all of you so you can decorate your Christmas tree as you have never done before. It doesn’t matter if the tree is small or big, real or fake, green or white… get inspired and start the merry season now!

Wooden DIY



Rainbow Style



All in White





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Easy DIY Photo Garland

It’s always a good time to do a bit of home décor, especially this time of the year when we all spend more time indoors.

This weekend I decided to make a photo garland for the bedroom. I printed some Instagram photos using and I got totally inspired. This site allows to connect your Instagram account so you can choose the pictures directly from there. It’s so cool as it offers different options and layouts to print. After hours deciding about photos and designs, I went for square and polaroid-style layouts and printed a few photos from Venice. I want to remember the great days I had in that amazing city! Let’s go back to the point now and get the photo garland done.


Making a photo garland is very easy and it won’t take more than 30min. Check the step by step guide below.



  • Photos
  • 1m of thread – I used cotton thread but you can also make it with yarn or jute cord
  • Blue/white tag

How to

  1. Place the thread on a table and ensure you have enough space around
  2. Decide how do you want to arrange the photos for the garland
  3. Attach the photos to the thread using some blue/white tag. You can use wooden pegs if you want. I decided kept it simple this time but feel free to being creative and add your personal touch.
  4. Place the garland in your bedroom (or wherever you fancy!) using blue or white tag

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Top 8 Autumn DIY Decorations

You all know how much I love DIYs, especially this time of the year where the autumn colours just make everything look so earthy and homely.

This post is an inspiration for all the DIY and home décor lovers that want to give to their homes a chic-autumny look.


1.     Falling Leaves Garland

Perfect for the bedroom or the launch! This easy DIY will bring the autumn and glitter vibe to your home. (via



2.     Autumn Leaves Bowl

This autumn you can leave your house keys in a leaves bowl. Very easy and fun to make, perfect DIY to do with the kids. (via



3.     Embossed Autumn Leave Candle

I’ve recently discovered this blog and I LOVE IT!! Honestly, the tutorials they have are heaven and the photography is so good too. Candle lovers, this is your tutorial. (via


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