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Bye Bye January Blues

Hello blog! I know I haven’t been very active lately. Between Christmas and the January hangover I’ve been quite busy trying to sort my life out. It’s still far to be sorted but… ohh well, it can always go worse.

January is known for being a hard month. Luckily, it’s almost gone but don’t let the January blues get into February. Below some things that will make you feel better and start the new month fresh.

1. Have a relaxing bath

I usually don’t do baths, but once in a blue moon won’t harm anyone. Take your time to prepare a warm bath with some oils. Relax while your skin gets moisturised with the benefits of the oils.


2. Follow a skincare routine

The weather, the past parties, the mornings (I hate these ones), etc. everything has influence on your skin. Follow your skincare routine in January more than ever. The January blues get’s easier with a better-looking skin.

 3. Don’t forget your perfume

One of my Christmas presents was Chloé’s perfume. Applying some perfume before leaving the house makes me feel more than ready for the challenges we face during the day.


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Natural Beauty Workshop in Brighton

For Jess’s birthday, the girls got her a ‘Natural Beauty Workshop’ by Made with Love. It was such a fun experience, all the girls together, making beauty products and learning about all the unnecessary ingredients that the beauty and skin care products have.

Leigh-Anne, the lady who runs this workshop, explained about the chemicals in creams, soaps, makeup products, etc. that make them last for years and years. The idea of this workshop is to make your own beauty products with things that we all have in our kitchen and  learn which ingredients are good for what you want to achieve.


When we got there, a big table with all the ingredients and instructions was waiting for us. Leigh-Anne explained what we were going to make and we pair up.

Sophie and I made banana & avocado hydrating hair mask while the other groups made an anti-aging one with raspberry, vitamin E and olive oil and a tea hair cleanser.



The body scrubs were my favourite; Wake-Up body scrub with Epsom salt, lemon, grapeseed oil and thyme. The other body scrub was mocha anti-aging /detox with coffee, sugar, sweet almond oil and raw cocoa powder.  I’ve been using them a lot and I love both, they are definitely one of my Christmas presents this year.


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DIY: How to make micellar cotton pads

All the beauty and skincare lovers will agree that micellar water has been a trending topic for a while now.

I’ve always been a fan of wipes to remove my makeup as they are easy and quick to use. But I’ve recently become more aware of the benefits of micellar water and I wanted to try it. .

My skin is been a bit sad lately and every time I change my skincare routine, spots and blemishes start appearing. At first I didn’t want to change my routine but after hearing all the goodness of micellar water I decided to give it a go a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve been using the Garnier micellar water for a week now and I must admit that I really like it. It removes my makeup without leaving my skin itchy but soft and happy instead. The only annoying thing I found is the fact that you need to open the bottle, grab a cotton pad, put the water on the pad, bla bla bla. Honestly, I can’t be bothered to do this every day… I know it’s me, but still I hate it! So I came up with this idea and made my own micellar cotton pads. My life is much easier now…hahahaha (I’m just being silly).

If you are as practical as I try to be, these micellar cotton pads will save you a couple of seconds in your daily skincare routine. You know what they say “every little helps;-)


All you need is:

  • Micellar water – there are different brands that do micellar water; you can do this tutorial with all of them. I have the Garnier one for sensitive skin (green top).
  • Cotton pads – I got the big ones as the small ones aren’t big enough for all my face and eye makeup.
  • A jar – you can recycle any jar you have but remember that your hands need to reach the bottom, otherwise you won’t be able to get the last pads!

How to make micellar cotton pads:

  1. Place some cotton pads in the jar. Don’t fill the jar to the top with cotton pads, do it in batches. This way the cotton pads will absorb better the micellar water and at the same time you will ensure that all the pads are drench.
  2. Add micellar water into the jar until the cotton pads absorb it. DIY-Micellar-Cotton-Pads
  3. Put more cotton pads in the jar and repeat the same process until the jar is filled.DIY-Micellar-Cotton-Wipes
  4. Close the jar so they are kept wet.DIY-Micellar-Wipes

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All you need to know about Beauty Advent Calendars in 2015

Who said that advent calendars have chocolates or that they are only for kids? Advent calendars are the new revolution this Christmas for all the beauty lovers! Little-Chica-Beauty-Calendars-2015

This year is the first time I heard about beauty advent calendar and I’m totally in love with the idea, despite not having decided which one I’ll buy yet… I better hurry up as some of them have sold out already.

After having a good look to the beauty advent calendars, I’ve finally made a shortlist with my favourites:

1. The Body Shop 24 Happy Days Deluxe

With skincare and body care products, The Body Shop advent calendar has already sold out. Lucky you if you got it!!

Price: £80


Find more info in:

2. Selfridges Cosmic Beauty

I wonder if this is how heaven will look like. This advent calendar has the best high street brands on it: Lancome, Kiehl’s, YSL, etc. My manager got his one for his fiancee, how cute?

Price: £95

new-selfirdges-advent-calendar More info:

3. Benefit Party Poppers

Mascara, lip balm, highlighter… 12 products that I need in my life.

Price: £34.50


For free shipping and more info visit:

4. L’Occitane

From hand creams to nail files. I bet they all smell very nice!

Price: £39


More info:,83,1,29819,800866.htm

5. Liberty

This one is a little bit out of my budget but it´s still part of my top advent calendars. Again, it has 24 days with top beauty products and brands, who wouldn’t want this?

Price: £149


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Get Morticia Addams look for Halloween – #FarfechMonsterComp

I love classics and Morticia Addams is one of them when it comes to this time of the year. Always in back, pale skin… who else is so perfect to dress like for Halloween?

For those ones who haven’t decided them Halloween fancy dress, here you have an inspiration outfit for the scariest party of the year.

Mortician Adams Inspiration #FarfechMonsterCompetition

D&G Dress | Fendi Shoes | Voltaire Faux Fur Jacket | Fendi Pom Pom Keyring | Fendi Handbag

Get Morticia Adams look by following this makeup tutorial from Roxxsaurus that can also be found on my Halloween Pinterest board – I LOVE it <3

When emailed me about their Halloween competition, this post came straight to my mind. Do you have your Halloween costume yet?

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