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My Favourite Summer 2016 Moments

This Summer of 2016 has been great. That’s what I repeat to myself now that the beach days are over, the days are getting shorter and autumn is just around the corner (literally!).

And you might be thinking, why has it been great for me? Because I’ve spent most of my time on the beach or boat, managed to see friends that I haven’t seen for years and I lived moments that I will never forget with people I love.

This summer I’ve managed to spend a lot of time in Spain, especially in Denia, where I’m from. The last time I spent over a month there was 10 years ago, before Uni and before I considered myself an adult (let me clarify… adult in the sense of responsibilities and my mind may not be fully there yet ;-) ).

My top summer moments:

1. I got a new tattoo at the end of July and I still don’t regret it and I don’t think I ever will.

Wave Tattoo2. Day trip to Formentera with my best friend. We rented a scooter, ate fish, ice cream, sunbathed and chatted away all day. Exactly what you need to do with your bestie.

Cala Saona - Formentera Far de Barbaria - Formentera Far de Barbaria - Formentera3. Saw friends from school and Uni that I haven’t seen in years. Continue Reading

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Hickory Dickory Designs, for special occasions

Today I want to write about a very special local company that was born here in Brighton: Hickory Dickory Designs.

Hickory Dickory Designs is based in Hove (actually), and all the products are designed, produced, individually painted, decorated and assembled by their team here in the UK.

What I like most abut their products is their personalisation – everything is precisely customised to the customer’s requirements, which makes each piece unique and special.

Talking about special, last month I had two very special occasions: my <3’s birthday and also my best friend bought her first house! I wanted to get them something different, personal and memorable for their special moments. Hickory Dickory Designs appeared in my life just at the right time.

For <3’s birthday I got him an engraved wooden card with a cheesy message (lol). All I had to do was send to the Hickory Dickory Designs team the message and they made it exactly as I wanted.

Hickory-Dickory-Designs-Birthday-Wooden-Card Continue Reading

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Summer Home Décor Ideas

Summer is around the corner. Even though we are having some grey days, the weather is getting nicer and warmer. @Sun, can you stay with us in Brighton till the end of the summer, please?

After a very relaxing weekend, catching up with friends and sunbathing till I melted, I had a look at the house (hahaha I wish it was mine!) and decided it needed a summer touch.

I went to Pinterest straightaway and started looking for some summer home décor ideas. And here I am, writing about how I want to redecorate the house and give it a colourful summer vibe.

Here are few things to consider to get that desired summer look:

Get colourful bedding

Simple but colourful bedding can change the bedroom atmosphere. I personally love this one despite not being a very colourful person.

Summer Home Decor Ideas: colourful bedding 

Light colours in the living room

The living room is where I spend most of my chilling time. Creating a nice atmosphere in the living room is a priority for me as I want it to be a nice place to relax.

Summer Home Decor Ideas: living room  Continue Reading


Last Minute Valentine’s Ideas

I can’t believe Valentine’s is just around the corner. This year I’ll be celebrating it in a different way as my ‘Valentine’ is in Spain L. But this day doesn’t necessarily have to revolve around the love of your life, it’s a perfect excuse to treat yourself, whether you are alone, with your <3 or with friends.

Valentine’s DIY ideas

You know how much I love making something personal for these special occasions. There are plenty of Valentine DIY tutorials on Pinterest. Valentine’s day is a perfect time to give one or maybe even a few handmade pressies to your beloved ones.


Treat yourself with a fancy meal

You don’t need to go to a restaurant to have a fancy meal; you can always cook yourself to make the day extra special for a little more effort.

Jamie Oliver has super yum recipes that are easy to make. And don’t forget to decorate your dinner table for the night to make it super romantic: red heart serviettes, a nice tablecloth, wine glasses, flowers… Make sure you have the right dinner table for the meal and if you don’t, what better time is there to get one than when you’re looking to impress! Something simple like this one (I love it!) would be perfect!

 Jamie-Oliver-Romantic-Meals Source

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Bye Bye January Blues

Hello blog! I know I haven’t been very active lately. Between Christmas and the January hangover I’ve been quite busy trying to sort my life out. It’s still far to be sorted but… ohh well, it can always go worse.

January is known for being a hard month. Luckily, it’s almost gone but don’t let the January blues get into February. Below some things that will make you feel better and start the new month fresh.

1. Have a relaxing bath

I usually don’t do baths, but once in a blue moon won’t harm anyone. Take your time to prepare a warm bath with some oils. Relax while your skin gets moisturised with the benefits of the oils.


2. Follow a skincare routine

The weather, the past parties, the mornings (I hate these ones), etc. everything has influence on your skin. Follow your skincare routine in January more than ever. The January blues get’s easier with a better-looking skin.

 3. Don’t forget your perfume

One of my Christmas presents was Chloé’s perfume. Applying some perfume before leaving the house makes me feel more than ready for the challenges we face during the day.


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