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5 DIY Knitting projects for Mother’s Day

Despite the weather getting better, I’d like to share with all of you some easy knitting projects that would be a perfect gift for mother’s day.

It’s that time of the year again where mother’s day is around the corner. Almost one week for the 6th of March… you better start thinking about your mama’s present if you haven’t done it yet.

Here you have 3 easy DIY knitting projects for Mother’s Day that will take you less than a week to make and your mum will love :-)

Knitting Projects for Mother's Day

1.    Warm Scarf

To make a knitted scarf you only need to learn how to cast on and purl. Scarfs are one of the easiest knitting projects and it’s perfect for beginners.



Free Pattern:

2.    Fingerless gloves

These are very handy as they allow you to type on your phone without having to take them off, look for things on your handbag and while warming your hands up.



Free Pattern:

3.    Pillow covers

If your mum likes home décor, this is your project. You can find from easy to more advanced patterns. This is a very nice knitting project for beginners!



Free Pattern:

4.    Headband

This project is perfect to give winter family days out and long walks a bit of glam.



Free Pattern:


5.    Hat

This is the most difficult project out of the 5, but if you know how to knit the basic stitches (knit and purl) and how to decrease, I’d definitely give it a go.



Free Pattern:


I hope this post has inspired you to start knitting. There are amazing projects out there and Pinterest is the place to go to get some inspiration.

If knitting is not for you but you still want to make something for your mum, check this Mother’s Day DIYs that I posted last year.


Happy knitting!!



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  • Reply Jessica Jade 26th February 2016 at 13:33

    You are the knitting queen Mar!

    I think my mum would love it if I could knit her a cushion for mothers day :) x

    • Reply Little Chica 1st March 2016 at 15:36

      You need to give it a go!! I can teach you, cushion are very easy to make :-) xx

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