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DIY Gemstone Bracelet from JewelleryMaker

For those ones who know me, you might already notice how much I love making my own jewellery. I have written a few post about DIY, and I the more I do them, the more I like DIY!

Making your own jewellery is great, it’s an experience on its own and it’s also the creation of something beautiful and unique.

I’ve recently discovered a ‘JewelleryMaker‘, a family own business specialised in DIY jewellery and with a big passion on gemstones. They are part of a bigger company ‘The Genuine Gemstone Company’ and they have all short of beads, tutorials, workshops, etc. that are very useful if you are interested in the topic.

JewelleryMaker has recently launched the jewellery kits section and I was lucky enough to get one of the mixed gemstone bracelets before they sold out – but don’t worry they are back to stock now!

The delivery was great, very quick and nothing was missing. All the items needed came in this nice box and the beads came in separate mini plastic bags. The kit included the instructions, which made very easy to understand what needed to be done to get the lovely bracelet.


The materials included:

  • 1 Silver Plated Copper Bangle
  • 50 Jump Rings
  • 10 Iolite Faceted Beads
  • 10 Amethyst Faceted Beads
  • 10 Peridot Faceted Beads
  • 10 Rainbow Moonstone Faceted Beads


All I had to do make my gemstone bracelet was: Open the jump ring and attach one of the gemstones thought the loop. Then attach over the bracelet bangle. And repeat the process until all the gemstones provided are attached to the bracelet.



Simple, easy… and pretty!


What do you think about my gemstone bracelet?

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  • Reply Jessica Jade 29th June 2015 at 08:55

    You make it look so simple – how long did it take you to make?x

    • Reply Little Chica 6th July 2015 at 21:30

      hahhaha it’s very easy seriously! It took me a good hour but I made it while I was watching Game of Thrones so I was stopping every now and then :-) xx

  • Reply Zen 6th August 2015 at 08:10

    I love DIY too :) I post all about it (and other stuff) on my blog, :)

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