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DIY Gold Heart Pendant Necklace

I’ve been feeling quite crafty lately. I’m always wanting to make super cute necklaces and I feel nicely satisfied when I have a pile of my own creations. It makes me feel good :-)

I made this necklace for some of my friends this week and they all loved it!. It’s a simple necklace that doesn’t take long at all to make.


Today I want to share with you how to make this gold heart pendant necklace.

What you need

  • 35cm of cotton cord
  • 2 jump rings
  • 1 clasp
  • 2 small crimps
  • 1 small gold heart bead
  • Pliers

How to make a heart pendant necklace

  1. Thread the heart through the cotton cord and secure it with a simple knot in the centre.
  2. Put the crimps on each end of the cotton cord using the pliers
  3. Attach the clasp using the jump ring on one end and use the other jump ring on the other end
  4. Volià, it’s ready!


This is a very easy necklace DIY tutorial to make something simple and pretty. It’s perfect for presents, my mum has already asked where hers is… it’s on the way!


I hope you like it and enjoy making it!




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