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DIY Snow Wrapping paper

I think this year I’m more Christmassy than ever. This is the 3rd post about Christmas and is not even December!

Some of the girls at work have decided to do Secret Santa this year

I can’t stop thinking about the presents I want to buy, the ones I want to make, Christmas cards and wrapping paper. In my family, my mum and my cousin are always very creative when wrapping the presents so I decided to be part of the game this Christmas and make my own. It might not be as professional as theirs, but it’s unique and made with love, which is what really matters, isn’t it?



  • Window snow or silver spray, very easy to find this time of the year.
  • Brown wrapping paper. I normally wrap all my presents with this type of paper so I had some leftovers from last year, but you can get it in any stationery shops.
  • Tiny bit of blue tack.
  • Stencil. I decided to go for the classic polka dots as they could be the snowflakes and also, I can use it another time if the year if I need to.

I got my stencil from, they deliver in the UK and have a wide stencil collection. Also, I got a coffee stencil (see my Instagram pic) and they sent a cake one as a present that says ‘Baby it’s cold outside’ and I can’t wait to use it.

How to make snow wrapping paper

1. Cut the paper you need to wrap your present

2. Prepare the space. This is the first time I did use spray inside and not in the terrace. It was VERY cold and I refused to go out. Grab some old sheets or towels and place them on the floor. Old magazines are always handy to put around.

3. Place the paper on the floor and the stencil on top. I normally use a bit of blue tag to avoid it moving but you might not need this.


4. Spray, spray, spray…. And let it dry. Make sure all the dots have been covered, especially the corner ones.


5. Remove the stencil and voliá, your wrapping paper is done.


6. Wrap the present and add a wool bow if you like.


I hope you enjoy this DIY :-)

*The stencil was sent to me for review. However, all opinions are my own.



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  • Reply Kate Oram 23rd November 2015 at 22:46

    This wrapping paper is gorgeous! I am so gonna try this out… I love wrapping Christmas presents!


    Kate xx

    • Reply Little Chica 24th November 2015 at 09:30

      Thanks Kate! It’s so easy to make too :-) Let me know how it goes x

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