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Easy DIY Photo Garland

It’s always a good time to do a bit of home décor, especially this time of the year when we all spend more time indoors.

This weekend I decided to make a photo garland for the bedroom. I printed some Instagram photos using and I got totally inspired. This site allows to connect your Instagram account so you can choose the pictures directly from there. It’s so cool as it offers different options and layouts to print. After hours deciding about photos and designs, I went for square and polaroid-style layouts and printed a few photos from Venice. I want to remember the great days I had in that amazing city! Let’s go back to the point now and get the photo garland done.


Making a photo garland is very easy and it won’t take more than 30min. Check the step by step guide below.



  • Photos
  • 1m of thread – I used cotton thread but you can also make it with yarn or jute cord
  • Blue/white tag

How to

  1. Place the thread on a table and ensure you have enough space around
  2. Decide how do you want to arrange the photos for the garland
  3. Attach the photos to the thread using some blue/white tag. You can use wooden pegs if you want. I decided kept it simple this time but feel free to being creative and add your personal touch.
  4. Place the garland in your bedroom (or wherever you fancy!) using blue or white tag



Bedroom-Photo-Garland-DIYHappy DIY!



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