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DIY Tassel Necklace

I love this necklace. I loved it since the first time I made it and every time I wear it. The last few times I wore it, I got complimented so I decided that was it time to put the tutorial on the blog. This way everyone would be able to make it and look pretty :-)



  • 43cm of leather cord
  • 5 jump rings
  • 1 clasp
  • 2 leather crimp cord end caps
  • 2 crimp coppers
  • Sewing thread – this is to make the tassel so use the colour you would like your tassel to be
  • 1 small crystal cross pendant
  • 3 x 4cm cardboard – this is also for the tassel
  • Pliers
  • Scissors

How to make a small size tassel

1. Take the sewing thread and the cardboard and start to wind the thread around the cardboard.

2. Depending how thick you want the tassel you will need to wind more or less thread around the cardboard.

How-to-make-a-tassel-DIY3. Once you have the desired thickness, cut a 5cm thread and pass it between the cardboard and the thread. Tie it tight and secure it with a knot…or two.


How to make tassel4. To better secure the top of the tassel, you can use one of the jump rings. This will help you later, when making the necklace.

5. Slip the scissors between the cardboard and cut the untied side of the sewing thread. This will be the button of the tassel.

Tassel DIY

6. Cut a 10cm sewing thread and wrap it around the tassel neck. Secure this by tightening the thread around with a knot and cut the ends.

DIY Small Tassel

8. Trim the ends of the tassel to get the desired length and a professional finish.

How to make a DIY tassel necklace

Step 1: Add the jump rings to the tassel and the crystal cross pendant.


Step 2: Thread on the tassel and crystal cross pendant in the centre of the leather cord.

Step 3: Put the crimp coppers on the leather cord leaving the tassel and the crystal cross pendant in between them as shown in the picture.


Step 4: Add the leather crimps on each end of the leather cord. Once this is done you can now add the remaining 2 jump rings on each of the leather crimps.

Step 5: Attach the clasp to finish the necklace.


Step 6: You are now ready to go out with a lovely leather cord and tassel necklace.



I hope you all like the necklace as much as I do!





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