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Natural Beauty Workshop in Brighton

For Jess’s birthday, the girls got her a ‘Natural Beauty Workshop’ by Made with Love. It was such a fun experience, all the girls together, making beauty products and learning about all the unnecessary ingredients that the beauty and skin care products have.

Leigh-Anne, the lady who runs this workshop, explained about the chemicals in creams, soaps, makeup products, etc. that make them last for years and years. The idea of this workshop is to make your own beauty products with things that we all have in our kitchen and  learn which ingredients are good for what you want to achieve.


When we got there, a big table with all the ingredients and instructions was waiting for us. Leigh-Anne explained what we were going to make and we pair up.

Sophie and I made banana & avocado hydrating hair mask while the other groups made an anti-aging one with raspberry, vitamin E and olive oil and a tea hair cleanser.



The body scrubs were my favourite; Wake-Up body scrub with Epsom salt, lemon, grapeseed oil and thyme. The other body scrub was mocha anti-aging /detox with coffee, sugar, sweet almond oil and raw cocoa powder.  I’ve been using them a lot and I love both, they are definitely one of my Christmas presents this year.


We also made face masks: oatmeal & pomegranate for sensitive skin, pineapple & coconut for detox.


I’m not normally a fan of the face toners, but we also made one: smoothing cucumber and rose water. I love how it leaves the skin, fresh and clean. 100% recommended.


If you have the chance to do this workshop, I highly recommended it. It is a great experience while learning about beauty. The best thing is that you go home with what you and your friends have made during the workshop:  a bag with organic & natural beauty products.



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