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Bye Bye January Blues

Hello blog! I know I haven’t been very active lately. Between Christmas and the January hangover I’ve been quite busy trying to sort my life out. It’s still far to be sorted but… ohh well, it can always go worse.

January is known for being a hard month. Luckily, it’s almost gone but don’t let the January blues get into February. Below some things that will make you feel better and start the new month fresh.

1. Have a relaxing bath

I usually don’t do baths, but once in a blue moon won’t harm anyone. Take your time to prepare a warm bath with some oils. Relax while your skin gets moisturised with the benefits of the oils.


2. Follow a skincare routine

The weather, the past parties, the mornings (I hate these ones), etc. everything has influence on your skin. Follow your skincare routine in January more than ever. The January blues get’s easier with a better-looking skin.

 3. Don’t forget your perfume

One of my Christmas presents was Chloé’s perfume. Applying some perfume before leaving the house makes me feel more than ready for the challenges we face during the day.


4. Start a new project

January is all about the beginnings. Starting a new project is not a must but it’s something nice to do, something that will keep you busy during the Winter.

I’ve started knitting a new scarf for my mum. So I spent most of my weekends watching PLL (Pretty Little Liars) and knitting.


I also want to start doing some exercise… but let’s leave this resolution for February.

5. Invest in some new clothes

I know, I know… January is a synonym of ‘broke’. But investing in some clothes doesn’t mean you need to spend all your savings. You can treat yourself with some basics from high street shops like H&M, Zara, Mango, etc. They all have sales at the moment, what are you waiting for?


6. Always wear lipstick

Lipstick Quotes

February, we are all waiting for you!





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