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Summer Home Décor Ideas

Summer is around the corner. Even though we are having some grey days, the weather is getting nicer and warmer. @Sun, can you stay with us in Brighton till the end of the summer, please?

After a very relaxing weekend, catching up with friends and sunbathing till I melted, I had a look at the house (hahaha I wish it was mine!) and decided it needed a summer touch.

I went to Pinterest straightaway and started looking for some summer home décor ideas. And here I am, writing about how I want to redecorate the house and give it a colourful summer vibe.

Here are few things to consider to get that desired summer look:

Get colourful bedding

Simple but colourful bedding can change the bedroom atmosphere. I personally love this one despite not being a very colourful person.

Summer Home Decor Ideas: colourful bedding 

Light colours in the living room

The living room is where I spend most of my chilling time. Creating a nice atmosphere in the living room is a priority for me as I want it to be a nice place to relax.

Summer Home Decor Ideas: living room 

Fresh flowers and succulents are a must

Fresh flowers and plants are always a must, especially during the spring and summer seasons. They give a natural vivid aura to the room. Succulents are so cute so having them a necessity… I’m obsessed with them.

Summer Home Decor Ideas: Flowers

Summer Home Decor Ideas: plants 

and colourful cushions too

Combining a neutral room with bright and patterned cushions will give the room a perfect summer vibe.

Summer Home Decor Ideas: colourful cushions 

Pastel pots for the plants

I personally love these pastel pots. You can buy them directly or make them if you are feeling inspired.

Summer Home Decor Ideas: pastel succulent pots 

and the outside area ready

Summer = the great outdoors. We spend so much of our time outside during the summer – better to have it pretty and ready to enjoy!

 Summer Home Decor Ideas: outside, terrace, sea views

Is your house ready for the summer?



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