5 Underrated European Destinations to Visit Before They Get Popular *

I love travelling <3. Despite not being able to travel as much as I did when I was a bit younger, I still love getting lost around new cities and places.

I believe that every place in the world has something magic to offer, something t that makes that particular place special. We all know about the European hot spots of Spain, Italy or France but there are other unusual cities in Europe that can be the perfect destination for your next holidays. I’ve chosen 5 of the most underrated destinations in Europe that still remain a well-kept secret.

1. Croatia

Few destinations are as versatile as sun-kissed Croatia. There’s something to suit all, whether you’re seeking beachside fun or a sightseeing extravaganza. Start your adventure in the Old Town of Dubrovnik and admire its jaw-dropping architecture, which features in TV’s “Game of Thrones” as locations including King’s Landing and Qarth.


At this medieval seaport, you’ll witness stunning scenery including ancient palaces, crumbling fortifications and ornate churches. From there, the crystal waters of the Dalmatian Coast are within easy reach. Also recommended is the town of Nin in the Zadar County, an area home to the country’s best stretches of coastline.

2. Bulgaria

Another option for those seeking cheap holidays that offer excellent European beach resorts at reasonable rates, Bulgaria could be the perfect choice for the sun-worshipping traveller. You can stay at the aptly named town of Sunny Beach, which boasts over 18 km of golden sands overlooking the Black Sea coast.

Once you’ve enjoyed the beachside bars and water sports, travel further inland and explore the region’s famed mountains. Walking trails traverse this rugged region, and you can go caving, rock climbing and even skiing if you’re feeling more adventurous!

3. Bosnia-Herzegovina

Combining the best of East and West with a fascinating mix of Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian influences, this heart-shaped country is guaranteed to overwhelm. Its tumultuous history may have deterred visitors in the past, but the untamed beauty and famed Bosnia-Herzegovina hospitality can be enjoyed once more. Possible activities include enjoying the historical architecture and trendy bars of Sarajevo, escaping the summer heat at the stunning Kravice Falls and white water rafting along the scenic River Neretva.

Bosnia Herzegovina

4. Montenegro

It may be one of the smallest countries in the Balkans, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in breath-taking natural beauty. From its shimmering Bay of Kotor, sometimes called “Europe’s southernmost fjord”, to the rugged peaks and unspoilt beaches, Montenegro is the last remaining hidden gem of the Adriatic.

Visit the country’s main resort, Budva Rivera, and you can expect a handful of scenic beaches and plenty of luxury retreats. The Old Town is equally charming, where Venetian architecture sits alongside pavement cafes and charming piazzas that could rival Venice’s finest.

5. Serbia

Another compact country in the Balkans, Serbia is ideal for those looking to combine a city break with a rural escape. In the hedonistic city of Belgrade, partygoers can enjoy some of the best nightlife in Europe whilst culture vultures can marvel at sights dating back to the Roman era.

Meanwhile, the old world charm of Niš offers an authentic taste of Serbian traditions, while the ski resorts of the South are home to endless powdery slopes. Considered one of Europe’s most affordable destinations, you can enjoy a superb break at unbelievably low prices.

With so many cheap holidays on offer in these spectacular countries, there’s never been a better reason to visit. Try something a bit different and you can be the one to introduce friends and family to a range of exciting new possibilities!

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